Episode 46 - All News Show #2

This week, an all news show to catch up on some quick stories ahead of the March For Science.

Comfy robot suits, Elon Musk (again), Negative Mass, Exoplanets, Water worlds, Accretion Discs, (lions tigers and bears oh my)

(Watery planet concept art by David A. Aguilar)

Robot Suits

Elon Musk's new venture

Odd superfluid

New exoplanet

Water worlds

Accretion disc imaging

Pasted Graphic

Episode 19 - The All News Show

This week there was so much cool news I had to do an all news show. Elon Musk's plan to go to Mars, Kepler and Rosetta, potential medical breakthroughs, and a movie shot by and starring drones.

Also, your kid might see the 22nd century. Think about that!

BBC - it's a great time to be alive


SpaceX and Mars

Reaction to the plan

Solar Roof

New approach to viruses

Destroying bacteria

Drone movie - In The Robot Skies

Rosetta Mission at an end

Kepler on a roll