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Episode 17 - Artificial Intelligence pt 4 - AI in the Arts

This week we explore some of the impact artificial intelligence is having on the arts, specifically in literature, visual art, and music.

Also, transparent aluminum for space station windows, and twitterbot generated D&D maps.

Science Friday's favorite twitterbots, including Uncharted Atlas


NASA examines use of transparent aluminum


A selection of art links as mentioned on the show


Visual Art:

The Next Rembrandt
Google's Deep Dream
Why dogs?
A Deep Dream program you can try

My original photo, the acid trip dog version, and a less weird variation:





Melonomics AI generated music
Melonomics story

Trio Pedal

Georgia Tech's Shimon
Shimon in action


Episode 15 - Artificial Intelligence pt 3

This week we get into some of the core concepts and terminology behind current AI research. AI can be a rabbit hole of words that will make your head spin, I'll cover a few broad areas you'll hear most when people talk about AI.

Also, what is happiness, and new battery tech and the EmDrive in the news.

The Oatmeal on Happiness

New Battery Material

The EmDrive in a peer reviewed journal?


A selection of links on AI research areas and terminology


Episode 14 - Artificial Intelligence pt 2

In this episode I give you an overview of a number of examples of AI in use right now, and not just in scientific research. You've probably got an AI in your pocket right now.

Also, reasoned discourse in the 21st century, and OSIRIS-REx

Reasoned discourse in the 21st century


Artificial Intelligence around you now


Game AI gone rogue
Watson's cancer diagnosis
X-ray diagnosis

A bunch of links about robo-written articles, including a quiz to see if you can guess if it was a human or robot.

My article from articoolo

Episode 13 - Artificial Intelligence pt 1

In the first of several shows we get an intro to artificial intelligence, a brief history of the field, and some examples of how AI affects our lives right now.

Also, a poem written by an AI, and a mysteriously dimming star.

Show notes:

Poetry written by computers

Tabby's Star continues to be a mystery


Some links to get you started on AI


Episode 6 - The Singularity and Ray Kurzweil

Welcome to the Matrix

In this episode we explore the basic ideas of the Singularity - learning machines, superintelligence, exponential technology advances, and the potential threat of self aware machines. We also talk about Ray Kurzweil. Not only a prominent futurist but also an inventor, first made familiar to your host by Kurzweil keyboards. 

News of the moment - the first steps in building a solar system-wide internet

Show notes

News of the moment:
The ISS gets an internet upgrade


Ray Kurzweil


More information about the singularity:

Singularity is near! Michio Kaku | Ray Kurzweil

The Technological Singularity at Wikipedia

AI concerns

Research addressing AI concerns