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A Podcast Of The Future

Thank you for visiting. In early 2018 the podcast ended, and in mid 2018 I resumed occasional blogging. My intent for the site and show remains, just in a different form. And while I always kept the show clean and suitable for all ages, I can't gaurantee the same with the blog. Just keep that in mind.

Here are archive links for the show. I plan to keep my libsyn account as long as I can, but if closed all the RSS and embedded players will break. If you like, download all the shows at or pick your shows at
Welcome to the PanFuture Society podcast. My primary goal is to bring future thinking, long term planning, and technological democracy to a wider public. There are many groups that already support these goals but I didn’t find a dedicated podcast. I want to help every day people get involved and understand that the future is closer than you think. This podcast is aimed at folks who've not listened to science podcasts much before. Think of it as futurism and science with training wheels.

I’m also big on education. A good education is essential to understanding the world we live in. We are also interested in education that teaches rational thinking skills and brings greater understanding of the world at large, not just rote memorization. 

In general I’m not going to be political or ideological within the podcast. But I will take sides in matters of science, freedom for all, progress, and cultural growth. I want to change the short term, instant gratification, he-who-is-loudest-wins attitude so prevalent today. To shift the tendency to govern from crisis to crisis to one of sustainable compromise. To promote science and reason as methodologies for examining the world, rather than relying on untested, unquestioned dogma. To truly see the big picture.

The future of humanity and our world. Not just tomorrow or next year, but 100 years, 10,000 years from now. Long term thinking will also require deep contemplation. We're not talking heads on TV. We're digging deep and engaging in long discussions. 

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