3d Printed Food

3d Food Printer on tour.

Well, keep an eye out for this traveling 3d printer tour.


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Large scale 3D printing

Reuters/Ahmed Jadallah
(Reuters/Ahmed Jadallah)

Here's something cool. An entire building manufactured using 3d printing. This 2700 square foot office building in Dubai was completed in just 17 days. The printer used, although huge, only requires one person to operate. There were 18 other people in the construction crew. While this technology is remarkable I still don't think anyone is talking about what happens when so few people are actually needed to do this kind of work. Are we ready to adjust to a world where we no longer have to work? How complex can we get with this construction method? Imagine a single complex machine that extrudes cars all by itself, with only one or two workers around to make sure it keeps running.

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An early eye opener

Greetings and welcome to the PanFuture Society blog. Things are just getting started here. Stay tuned for news, information, and other interesting things. Here's a video of one of the technologies we're watching. 3d printing will change the world. From major manufacturing, to space travel, to food production, to medicine, 3d printing has the potential to impact almost every area of our lives.