Thank you! That's what I have to say. That screenshot above shows I've broken 2000 downloads in 29 episodes and since only the end of May when I started. That number doesn't include the just over 300 plays on youtube as of this writing. I know, it's a tiny drop in the podcast bucket. Some of the casts I listen to have tens of thousands of downloads a week. Still, I'm doing this show for several reasons, one being to share progressive scientific views on the world with others, and I appreciate all who've tuned in.

Business card

Hey, I guess it's really official now. If anyone wants a few to hand out let me know. I will mail them to you.


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We got our iTunes approval, search for us or click the link below, thanks!


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Still waiting on iTunes, but if you use Stitcher for your podcast feeds, you can find the show here now: The PanFuture Podcast on Stitcher.

Of course you can also still listen via the
show page. I'll post again as soon as iTunes clears.