Recommended Reading

Finally, a new blog. Here's a few links to some articles I think are worth your time.


An infographic on H.G. Wells. It's amazing how much of the fiction in his writing actually came (more or less) true. Let it be a lesson that it's not only ok, but valuable, to speculate wildly and dream big.

Some insight as to why people seem to want new, fresh ideas, but then reject them. In general I read this as an artist or musician, but I think it applies to anyone reaching for something new. Just avoid reaching for woo crank science that isn't real. It can be hard to walk that line.

A great read from Dr. Steven Novella on the nature of truth. These days it seems a hard thing to define, and it's hard to get people to trust that science is the best way forward. I think Dr. Novella hits it on the head. We've gathered the low hanging fruit. Science is getting harder, and we haven't developed the patience for the long haul in many areas of research. We want the answers now.