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About Your Host

I'm Sean Gill, your host for the podcast. I'm a musician and artist currently living in Springfield Oregon. Though schooled and working in the arts, I've always had a strong interest in science. When I was much younger I wanted to be a marine biologist. I wanted to be Jacques Cousteau. Then I discovered I get motion sickness very easily and spending lots of time on ocean-going ships would probably not be fun for me. About the time of that discovery I first picked up the guitar. It became an immediate outlet for creativity, and the rest is history for another page.

In the podcast, I try to keep a hopeful tone. I don't always feel that way personally. I've often been a hope for the best/prepare for the worst person. A cynical optimist. A realist. There are a lot of problems I see in the world, in society, problems that are a genuine threat to the long term survival of humans, not to mention any hope of real progress toward that sci-fi future I'd like to see. I hope the podcast can be a small influence on others to move toward a goal of true long-term progress.

If you're interested in my other work, click the links below:
Sean Gill - solo guitar
Strange Land - prog rock
Stone Soup Soldiers - world fusion and soundtrack work