Episode 79 - Long-term Perspective

This week an essay on long-term thinking and keeping things in perspective. 
Also, 7 banned words at the CDC, and Arthur C Clarke's 100th birthday.

Banned words at the CDC
Arthur C Clarke Foundation (bio)
Arthur C Clarke Center For Human Imagination

Episode 78 - Free Music and I'm Just Trying To Stay Alive

This week I offer more insight into a career in the arts, and how my experience may apply to all jobs in the future.
Also, artificial life and martian worms. 

Artificial DNA
Worms in simulated Martian soil
More thoughts on music and the future of work
At work

Episode 77 - Essay on a Career in the Arts

This week I offer an essay on my music career, and how that fits (or doesn't) with modern society in America. I also ruminate on the place of arts in civilization and whether other careers will go as arts have gone.

Plus news in graphene spider webs, our interstellar visitor, and Voyager 1

Spider Webs with graphene and nanotubes

Interstaller Visitor

Voyager 1 fires it up

Career thoughts

My old blog post


A Musical Interlude

I thought with the business of the holiday this week we could all use a break from my normal banter/blather. In the feed today is an acoustic EP, Evagation, from my band Strange Land 
Chloroform Dream
27 Miles Out
The Girl With The Octarine Eyes
The Last Mountain

Strange Land - Evagation - cover

Strange Land @ Bandcamp

Episode 76 - Blockchain and Bitcoin: Interview with Steve McKeon

This week I have an interview with Steve McKeon from the U of O. We talk about blockchain and bitcoin, what it is, what people are doing with it, and why you should pay attention. Please see the show notes for a number of links to recent news. 
Also, genetic engineering a skin replacement to fight a deadly disease. 

Genetically engineered skin graft for young boy

Bitcoin and Blockchain


Steve's article
Square integrates bitcoin

A wide variety of uses for blockchain

US State Dept and blockchain
Russian news
More Russian news

Bitcoin mining's energy use

Further reading for news and opinion on bitcoin: