Episode 73 - Interview with Astronaut Abby

This week I have a great chat with Abigail Harrison, aka Astronaut Abby. We talk about her ambitions for Mars, getting people excited about space, STEM, and the arts, and whether there will be cats on Mars. 

(Astronaut Abby/The Mars Generation)

Links to this weeks resources:

The Mars Generation

Astronaut Abby

Episode 72 - All News Show #6

This week we catch up on the news. Mars, self-driving cars, trains and tractors, new telescopes, medical imaging, shills, dolphin culture. 


News this week

Self Driving Cars
Self Driving Trains
Automated Farm
Who's the Real Shill?
Dopamine Receptor Imaging
Cetacean Culture
Exolife Telescope
Mars Law
Mars Meetings

Episode 71 - Interview With Mike Paul Hughes, Aerospace Engineer

This week features an interview with Aerospace Engineer Mike Paul Hughes. We chat about upcoming missions, speculate on life, and Mike reminds us why it's important to study history. 
Also, a bad case of bad science headlines. 

Behind the bad supervolcano headline
Mike Paul Hughes

Episode 70 - All News Show #5

On this weeks news show: CRISPR for Glaucoma, Nobel Prizes, moon, Mars, and some thoughts on guns and con man Alex Jones. 

(Lockheed Martin)

The News

Nobel Prizes 2017

CRISPR for glaucoma

Trump Administration's NASA priorities

Lockheed Martin Mars Station

Elon Musk's Mars Update