Technological unemployment

Episode 31 - Themes for 2017 - Jobs

In a more philosophical tone I'll be bringing you a number of shows setting themes and things to think about in the upcoming year. This week, more thought on jobs and the future of work, and what it means to our own meaning.

Also, new missions from NASA

NASA's new missions

discovery-missions-v3SwRI and SSL-Peter Rubin
(RI and SSL-Peter Rubin- artist's concept)

More thoughts on the future of work, some links to read up on.

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Episode 25 - The Future Of Work pt3 - When There Are No Jobs

This week we run down a few possibilities of what life might be like if we didn't need jobs at all (and didn't need money).

Also, paralyzed monkeys walk, and the James Webb space telescope. And a few thoughts about Trump.

New Paralysis Treatment


James Webb Space Telescope


No Jobs Needed


Episode 24 - The Future Of Work pt2 - What Will You Do?

This week we contemplate what you might actually do for a job in the future. Where will we turn when robots do more and more, and will there be enough jobs?

Also, a new map of the Earth, and NASA's asteroid warning system.

New Map

(Hajime Narukawa)

How big each country really is -

Asteroid Detection

crash from space

Jobs of the FutureUpcoming-Jobs-2014

Who had the first job? from Planet Money


Episode 23 - The Future of Work pt 1 - Technology, Scarcity, and Music

This week we look at how technology can impact economic scarcity, and how my industry, music, was turned upside down by tech almost two decades ago.
Also, a quote from the Outer Limits, Carbon sequestration, and Tabby's Star back in the news.

And, listen to the show on Youtube

"The planet Earth is a speck of dust, remote and alone in the void. There are powers in the universe inscrutable and profound. Fear cannot save us. Rage cannot help us. We must see the stranger in a new light - the light of understanding. And to achieve this, we must begin to understand ourselves, and each other." - The Outer Limits, The Galaxy Being


Charles Hyland/Provided

Tabby's Star


The Future Of Work


Episode 3 - Race Against The Machine

What will the humans to when robots do all the work?

show notes
News of the Moment:
Flat Lens

The Book, automation, and robotics links of interest