Artificial intelligence

Episode 41 - Interview with Jamey Racer, all things radiology


This week I have a chat with guest Jamey Racer, Radiographer, CT Technologist, and Instructor. We talk about the past, present, and future of radiology and medical imaging. Types of scans, radiation exposure, and the changes that computers and artificial intelligence are bringing to the work.


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Episode 18 - Artificial Intelligence concerns

In this episode we discuss some of the fears and concerns over AI, such as those raised by Elon Musk and others. Also, issues AI might have with rewards systems, and the trolley problem.

Also, Zoltan Istvan, the Transhumanist party presidential candidate.

Transhumanist presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan


The Transhumanist Bill of Rights

The Trolley Problem

AI Dangers?


Various articles on the concern over and dangers of artificial intelligence