Episode 16 - Interview with author A.C. Hachem

In this episode I do my first interview, this with author A.C. Hachem (achachem.com). His first book, Dawn of Legaia, a near future story set on Earth and in a station in near-earth orbit, will debut on November 11th 2016. We talked about the book, the creative process, realism in science fiction, The Matrix, and more. Also, check out his great blog for daily sci-fi news, movies, gaming, and more.

Also, quick news: Star Trek turns 50, and a great Mars panorama from Curiosity.

Trek at 50


Mars panorama from the Curiosity rover. Go full screen, or even better, VR if you have it.


A.C. Hachem and Dawn of Legaia


A.C.'s blog


Episode 4 - Science Fiction Come True, pt 1

Hey man, where's my jet pack? This first part explores the roots of science fiction, what old stories can tell us about our time today, and where we still might go in the future.

show notes
News of the Moment:
Smart Glass - light emitting nanoparticle embedded in glass

Referenced on the show:
Ancient Indian Epics
Urashima Tarō

Mary Shelly
Jules Verne
H.G. Wells
Well's Anticipations