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Episode 77 - Essay on a Career in the Arts

This week I offer an essay on my music career, and how that fits (or doesn't) with modern society in America. I also ruminate on the place of arts in civilization and whether other careers will go as arts have gone.

Plus news in graphene spider webs, our interstellar visitor, and Voyager 1

Spider Webs with graphene and nanotubes

Interstaller Visitor

Voyager 1 fires it up

Career thoughts

My old blog post


Episode 68 - All News Show #4

This week is an all news show in the new show format. We have Osiris Rex, human embryo editing, 3d printed aluminum, high tech guitar strings, and more. 


Sources for this week's news

Episode 38 - The Future Of Food pt 3 - GMOs and Gene Editing

This week I talk about a controversial topic, genetically modified organisms and gene editing, and how these aspects of modern science can feed us far into the future. I will have links to the science on the show's web page, for my part I focus on the basics and the benefits of GMOs and gene editing for food production.

Also, metamaterial news, new planets, and the Hubble Constant

New strong and light metamaterial

The Hubble Constant

New Planets

(wild progenitors to some of our food)

Information about GMOs and Gene Editing:

Episode 33 - Themes for 2017 - Understanding Science - Consensus

This week I offer an overview of scientific consensus - what it is, and why we should accept it.

And in the news: Vantablack, and mud on Mars


(Surrey NanoSystems)

Mud on Mars


Scientific Consensus

(Randal Monroe/XKCD)

Episode 27 - Threats From Space Pt 1 - Near Earth Objects

This week we cover the basics of Near Earth Objects, how we know about them, how often they might hit us, and the damage they can do.

Also, graphene bubbles and the EM Drive

Graphene Bubbles change color


The EM Drive (again)


Threats From Space - Near Earth Objects


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Episode 15 - Artificial Intelligence pt 3

This week we get into some of the core concepts and terminology behind current AI research. AI can be a rabbit hole of words that will make your head spin, I'll cover a few broad areas you'll hear most when people talk about AI.

Also, what is happiness, and new battery tech and the EmDrive in the news.

The Oatmeal on Happiness

New Battery Material

The EmDrive in a peer reviewed journal?


A selection of links on AI research areas and terminology