Episode 81 - A.C. Hachem and a 2017 movie wrap up

This week I talk to author A.C. Hachem again. We geek out about movies, wax philosophical on the importance of science, and get the scoop on A.C.'s next novel.

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Episode 50 - Movie geek out with A.C. Hachem

This week I geek out about movies with author A.C. Hachem. All about summer movies, Hollywood business choices and how do you avoid getting squashed by the 5 ton Disney movie beast. Strap in, it's a movie length show!

Oh, and somehow I've made it to 50 episodes…


Episode 35 - Interview #2 with A.C. Hachem

This week I have another long chat with science fiction author A.C. Hachem (achachem.com) about his recently released book Dawn Of Legaia (dawnoflegaia.com). We also touch on creativity and the process, the technology in his book (including AI, androids, and artificial gravity), the near future society he's imagined, comic cons, and then we nerd out about movies and video games for a while.

Dawn of Legaia


*A quick footnote for this episode, in case anyone is fact checking. A.C. later clarified for me that it was a writer for the tv show The Expanse who hated the Mass Effect 3 ending, not one of Mass Effects writers. And if none that made sense to you it's ok to just move along.

Episode 5 - Science Fiction Come True, pt 2

Beam me up

In this episode we continue exploring fiction of the past, what has come to be reality, and what might yet be in the future. 
Also in the news, NASA's Juno mission

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