Episode 82 - Sci-Fi Inpirations for Long Term Thinking

This week I ruminate on some of my early inspirations for long term thinking from the world of science fiction.

Also, nano material from pitcher plants, and tiny nuclear reactors for your house on Mars. 

Pitcher Plant nano material
Compact reactor

(Babylon 5)

Arthur C. Clarke

Apollo 13 recording

Mass Effect - First viewing of the Citadel

Babylon 5

Episode 81 - A.C. Hachem and a 2017 movie wrap up

This week I talk to author A.C. Hachem again. We geek out about movies, wax philosophical on the importance of science, and get the scoop on A.C.'s next novel.

Visit A.C. Hachem online
Read the movie post


Episode 80 - The Future Of Food pt 6 - Interview with a cricket farmer

This week I have an interview with Austin Miller of Craft Crickets. We discuss the many benefits of eating insects and some of the details of how one farms crickets.
Also, Asimov's 1953 vision of self-driving cars, and more news on Tabby's Star. 

Asimov's self-driving car short story 'Sally'
The latest news on Tabby's Star

Craft Crickets (craftcrickets.com)

Episode 79 - Long-term Perspective

This week an essay on long-term thinking and keeping things in perspective. 
Also, 7 banned words at the CDC, and Arthur C Clarke's 100th birthday.

Banned words at the CDC
Arthur C Clarke Foundation (bio)
Arthur C Clarke Center For Human Imagination

Episode 50 - Movie geek out with A.C. Hachem

This week I geek out about movies with author A.C. Hachem. All about summer movies, Hollywood business choices and how do you avoid getting squashed by the 5 ton Disney movie beast. Strap in, it's a movie length show!

Oh, and somehow I've made it to 50 episodes…