Episode 69 - Interstellar Consultants

This week I have an interview with astrophysicist Steve Kilston of Interstellar Consultants. One of Steve's projects is a practical and well thought out 500 year plan for building a ship that could take us to another star system. This is not pie-in-the-sky stuff, this is grounded in practical knowledge.

Also, Australia gets its own space agency. 

Australian Space Agency

A plan for interstellar travel

Interstellar Consultants web page
(Interstellar Consultants)

Episode 12 - Space Colonies pt 3 - Cryosleep and Embryonic Space Travellers

In this episode we cover other ways we might travel the vastness of space using cryosleep, hibernation, and genetic manipulation with CRISPR.
Also, Carl Sagan's day job, artificial wombs.

Carl Sagan at Wikipedia

Artificial Wombs
Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
(Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies)

Suspended Animation

Here's a good video on CRISPR. Easy to understand, but still covers the details of how CRISPR works.


Episode 11 - Space Colonies pt 2 - Generation Ships

This week we discuss various ideas, advantages, and challenges of generation ships, the most likely way humans will travel the interstellar vastness short of a breakthrough in warp drives or wormholes.

In the news: more octopi, graphene. Also, be better today than you were yesterday.


Armored octopus:
Octopus armor

2d materials
Image: REUTERS/Ivan Alvarado
(Image: REUTERS/Ivan Alvarado)

Generation Ships
Artist’s concept of an interstellar craft equipped with an EM Drive. Credit: NASA Spaceflight Center
(Artist’s concept of an interstellar craft equipped with an EM Drive. Credit: NASA Spaceflight Center)

Links on generation ships and interstellar travel

Episode 10 - Space Colonies pt 1

In this first of I don't know how many parts, we take a look at some of the proposed designs for large space stations, as well as some of the hazards of living in space long-term. I also ruminate on the size of the universe

In the news: new brain maps and no love for a unifying theory of everything.

Notes and links:

Brain Maps

No theory of everything yet

Info on large space stations and their technology. And several depictions of these stations, among my favorite kind of sci-fi art.