Episode 86 - Interview with Engineer Holly Griffith

This week I have an interview with NASA engineer Holly Griffith. We talk about Engineer's Week (Feb 18-24), the importance of engineers in life all around us, women in science, and some other stuff.

Also, I am tired of saying "Never again."

Essay by MSD student Cameron Kasky

(Holly Griffith)

Holly's Twitter feed
Study about youth education and why so few women go into science


Episode 85 - Interview with Dr. Emily Monosson

This week I interview Dr. Emily Monosson about her book Natural Defense: Enlisting Bugs and Germs to Protect Our Food and Health, and we talk about academia, changes in our society currently underway, and motherhood in the scientific world. 
Also, Robocoffee, and searching for technomarkers around distant planets. Oh, and some guy launched a car into space. 

Robot barista in Japan
Searching for technosignatures from distant planets

Dr. Monosson's Blog
Dr. Monosson's Books

Episode 73 - Interview with Astronaut Abby

This week I have a great chat with Abigail Harrison, aka Astronaut Abby. We talk about her ambitions for Mars, getting people excited about space, STEM, and the arts, and whether there will be cats on Mars. 

(Astronaut Abby/The Mars Generation)

Links to this weeks resources:

The Mars Generation

Astronaut Abby

Episode 37 - The Future Of Food pt 2 - Interview with The Farm Babe

This week I chat with the Farm Babe, Michelle Miller, about modern farming, farm technology, and myths about farmers (you know, the scant handful of people who feed us all).

Also, Bill Gates on taxing robots, and the Icarus Project for interstellar travel.

Bill Gates on taxing robot workers

The Icarus Project


The Farm Babe



Episode 32 - The NeoShield-2 Project

This week I talk to Albert Falke and Line Drube of the European Commission's NeoShield-2 project. We discuss the scope of the NeoShield project from technical challenges to the science of asteroids.